Unless otherwise stated, all text (sans information provided by brands via their websites, such as ingredients lists) and images on this website and my social media belong to me. Usage and reproduction of images and text from Impassion Skin Therapy and its corresponding social media are not permitted without prior written consent or agreement.


At the time of writing this (March 2, 2022), there is nothing to disclose. I do not have partnerships with any brands. I have never been paid to write about or advertise any products. I have never received PR packages from any brand. I create content and write reviews entirely of my own volition.

Receiving gratis (free product) from brands after training with them is a common practice within the beauty industry. Being an Esthetician, these opportunities pop up frequently. How often I receive training, and the amount of product I receive, can fluctuate depending on how active I am within the industry. There have been occasions where I received gratis as gifts from other professionals, though this seldom occurs.

I do receive products from Dermalogica, as part of their Expert program. To become a Dermalogica Expert, one must first be licensed as an Esthetician. Participants typically already have an account with Dermalogica, or they are employed by a company that has an account. They must then complete over 60 hours of educational classes and seminars, followed by passing practical and verbal exams. Retaking specific courses each year is required to maintain Expert status. As a reward for our dedication, Dermalogica sends some of their products – usually limited only to new launches – to their Experts. On occasion, one must attend an “innovation event” to receive newly launched products, instead of it being automatically shipped out to our doorsteps. Some of the products featured on my blog and social media were provided by Dermalogica, while others are purchased by myself. As it currently stands, my relationship with Dermalogica ends there.

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