Review: Touch in SOL Pretty Filter Icy Sherbet Primer

I admit I was not aware of this brand until my sister received this primer as part of her Boxycharm subscription. For sanitary reasons, I tend to avoid products in jars, so this would have never been on my radar otherwise.

Touch in SOL markets this as “silicone free” with a “cooling effect.” Silicone is not a bad ingredient but it has a poor reputation for supposedly causing breakouts. Just ensure that you’re cleansing properly so you won’t break out from it. They promise a “silky and fine-tuned finish,” as well as “rich hydration and a cool-down effect.” These claims are printed on the box. On their website, they claim this primer has “water capturing technology.” They don’t recommend a specific amount to apply, stating only to apply a thin layer.

The first thing that struck me was the scent. It is quite heavily floral scented. Not like real flowers, but rather like rose-shaped soap that was commonly used in baths back in the day.

Usage and Results

When I tested this primer, I applied a small amount to my entire forehead. I then spot concealed with a thin layer of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer to cover redness. I actually applied less concealer than what I would normally use. The primer’s texture starts off thick, initially feeling like a petrolatum/silicone gel hybrid, but emulsifies down to a watery texture, and does not feel like a heavy occlusive. It does blur lines and pores upon contact but dries to a soft matte finish. For me, this is not ideal, as my skin tends to reject anything mattifying. I took note of how easily the concealer blended. However, I noticed separation after only a few minutes of wear time. Three hours later, everything had settled into my pores. I feel this product is a good mattifier but not a long lasting primer.


This contains various forms of humectants, including glycerin, so that would be the “water capturing technology.” This primer uses the glycerin, polymers, and other thickeners in lieu of silicone. They used both plant extracts and synthetic fragrance to add a substantial amount of scent to this product. Dyes are also present so I don’t recommend this for hyper sensitive skin.


To date, my favorite primers are The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer and NYX Angel Veil. These two have performed spectacularly for me, even in comparison to high end primers. I’ve also discovered that not all primers perform the same way with the same base makeup. Just like with skincare, experimentation is key to find what works best for you and your skin.

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